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Studio MK27

Jungle House



Wrzesnia , 2016

Thanks to an innovative LED lighting solution from Zumtobel, the new Volkswagen Crafter commercial vehicle plant in Poland is one of the ...

aib | Architektur Generalplanung Projektmanagement.

MAN Montagewerk für die LKW-Fertigung

Niepolomice, 2007

TGA - Trucknology Generation A: MAN investierte in ein neues Montagewerk für LKW in der Nähe von Krakau, um dort ab 2007 LKWs für den ost...

Tomasz Broma - YTAA 2016 Winner

S'lowtecture: housing structure

Wroclaw - Zerniki

Housing structure in Wroclaw "The project is an experimental housing structure arising from the slow-lif...


Olsztyn-Mazury Regional Airport


The Olsztyn-Masuria airport is cleanly, simply and clearly designed into the friendly wooded landscape that surrounds it; more ak...

Horizone Studio

Conference center in Kielce

Kielce, 2011

The primary concept of the urban design was to define an urban main axis which is not only a walking promenade linking the student houses...

Horizone Studio

Ericpol Software Pool Office Building

Lodz, 2015

The main challenge presented by the project was the alignment of the functional requirements with the limitations imposed by the heritage...

Horizone Studio

Office building in Krakow

Krakow, 2014

Conceptual design for the office building with underground parking. The building serves the flexible needs of potential tenants and fulfi...

Horizone Studio

Polish Aviation Museum

Krakow, 2010

A new multi-purpose building, which is a showcase for the entire museum complex has been developed on the premises of the Polish Aviation...

Horizone Studio

The Malopolska Regional Government Office in…

Krakow, 2014

The main task of the competition was to develop a new complex of buildings for the Regional Governmnent Office of Malopolska in Krakow, P...

Horizone Studio

Retail park in Gdansk

Kowale, Gdansk, 2012

The urban concept of the retail park in Kowale is based on the idea of creating a shopping compound that could provide a wide range of se...

Horizone Studio

Urban Design - Kopernika Street

Krakow, 2010

In 2010 an international architectural competition for a new urban development on the lands along Kopernika Street in Krakow was announce...

Barozzi / Veiga

Philharmonic Hall

Szczecin, 2014

The Philharmonic Hall, which is to accommodate a concert hall and a chamber music hall, is a very complex building that occupies the same...

Pysall Architekten

Muzeum Kantora

Krakow, 2004

The new Muzeum Kantora is a three-dimensional matrix of enclosed and in-between spaces reflecting the complex variety of Kantor’s artisti...

Pysall Architekten

Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego – Furniture Design

Krakow, 2010

High flexibility and a tight budget were the challenges for the interior design of the museum. Developed as „serving furniture“ – the mo...

FAAB Architektura

Moss Salon

Krakow, 2014

MOSS hair, nail and beauty salon is the compilation of two spaces, previously separated and located on the different levels. The lower le...

FAAB Architektura

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy…

Warsaw, 2013

The design was determined by the pursuit of two main goals. One was the creation of a space which, thanks to the means of architectural e...


The Rye Mill

Szamotuły, 2013

The brick building, five floor levels and twenty three apartments. Restored in its original form with modern superstructure. On the groun...


Atrium House

Napachanie, 2013

FAAB Architektura

Blood Center

Racibórz, 2013

Within the building blood is being collected, tested, stored, processed (to divide into blood elements) and purified with the technology ...

FAAB Architektura

PGE GiEK concern headquarters

Bełchatów, 2013

In preparing the project, we underlined a list of priorities. Our first initiative was to create a clear and hitherto non-existent street...

FAAB Architektura

Foundation for Polish Science

Warsaw, 2014

The project intent was to preserve the character of the 1933 dilapidated multi-family house, which had been seriously mutilated by air bo...


National Stadium Warsaw

Warsaw, 2012

The stadium in Warsaw is located on the site of the former 10th –Anniversary Stadium on al. Zieleniecka in Praga Poludnie district, near ...

schlaich bergermann partner

National Stadium Warsaw

Warschau, 2011

The new stadium necessary for the UEFA Football European Championship 2012 was carefully developed to be inserted into the existing stadi...

a•g Licht

PGE Arena

Gdansk, 2011

BAAS arquitectura

Faculty of Radio and Television Katowice

Katowice, 2014

The University of Silesia Faculty of Radio and Television occupies a once-empty space within an established block of buildings in Katowic...

Wirth + Wirth Architects

Euro 2012 Football Stadium, Poland

Wroclaw, 2010

invited competition 4th place

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

National Stadium

Warsaw, 2011

In 2012, Poland and Ukraine will be hosting the UEFA European Football Championship. For the occasion, a new national stadium will be bui...

Biber Architects

European Solidarity Center

Gdansk, 2008

As part of an international architecture competition sponsored by the city of Gdansk, Poland, Biber Architects has proposed a design for ...


Blum Polska - exposition room in office building

Gmina Swarzędz, 2009


Amphitheatre of Anna Jantar

Września, 2007


For fun house

Zalesie Górne near Warszawa


Grammar school



Health center with beauty parlours

Poznań, 2011

CONIX RDBM Architects

Ocean's four - Mixed development; residential…

Gdansk, 2011

Ocean’s Four is a project of BPI-CFE, consisting of four 18-storey residential towers. The project was designed by Conix Architects...

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