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Czech Republic

AULÍK FIŠER ARCHITEKTI is an architectural practice involved in various architectural activities from town planning, design of different types of buildings (particularly office and residential ones), to renovations and/or interior design. The office provides complete services from the site preliminaries to assistance during construction, mostly in the position of an architect/design architect responsible for all design and engineering works. Ing. arch. Jan Aulík established the office named Studio A in 1992. Jakub Fišer became a partner in 2007 and the office was renamed Aulík Fišer Architekti.

The office‘s gradual development, obtaining valuable experience and feedback project in the current attitude, where respecting functional and rational requirements plays a substantial role (starting from the broadest town planning, impact of buildings on their surroundings, functioning of these buildings, their adequacy, to technical and structural aspects). Combined with visual perceiving of buildings balanced architecture should be established without unnecessary exhibitions and fashionable deposits.

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Prague, Czech Republic