The Malopolska Regional Government Office in Krakow

Horizone Studio

Regionalne Centrum Administracyjne "Malopolska"

Urban concept and design of Buildings A & B 

Dominik Darasz, Bartlomiej Kisielewski, Robert Strzenski

Architects in co-operation  
Jagoda Bogusławska, Krystian Wawer, Nuno Oliveira

Design of Building C   
Maleccy Biuro Projektowe

Net area  
ca. 41 150 m2

Total area  
ca. 46 750 m2

Competition design  

Multidisciplinary design  

The main task of the competition was to develop a new complex of buildings for the Regional Governmnent Office of Malopolska in Krakow, Poland. The main elements to be included inside the new buildings will be a regional assembly hall with communicating offices, a regional council, several departments of the Regional Government Office, local government units, as well as additional services like shops, restaurants, a nursery school.

In October 2013, the results of the first stage of the international competition were announced. The Horizone Studio proposal was among three awarded entries that were to be realised as a final project. In April 2014, as a result of the second stage of tendering, the Investor chose Horizone Studio's project as the concept that is to be built. Our proposal received the higest rate out of the three schemes that were presented during the final stage. Our design proposal has been chosen by the client as the most efficient and suitable idea for the new Regional Government Office of Malopolska in Krakow.

The Regional Government Office of Malopolska is a project consisting of three buildings (building A, B, C - planned for the 1st stage), that could be complemented in the future by two other buildings (building D, E - planned for the 2nd stage).

When creating an urban plan and defining the size of each building several guidelines were followed:

  • the main entrance to the Regional Government Office should be proceeded by an elegant square

  • building elevations from one side should create a new frontage to the street

  • another side of the complex should be open and welcoming for members of the public

  • in the center of the whole complex, a square inner yard with an inviting character will be formed among the buildings. Separated from the noise of the street the square will be a meeting point and waiting area, a people friendly location, creating a relaxing, pleasent space. This square is expected to fully complement the ground floor functions of the Regional Government Office and also all commercial services.

According to the competition award summary the Horizone Studio project was awarded for:

  • creating an attractive and functional urban space by creating within the whole complex semipublic urban plaza

  • creating an attractive frontage to the street and an urban landmark for the area,

  • creating an opportunity for further expansion that reinforces the quality of urban composition,

  • clear functionality and sustainability of the buildings.

In accordance with the investors requirements, the Marshall Hall buildings are subjected to a multicategory BREEAM environmental assessment. In June 2015, a detailed audit of the project was prepared together with the final BREEAM report. The project received the certificate BREEAM EXCELLENT after being allocated points of 74,48%.

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