S'lowtecture: housing structure

Wroclaw - Zerniki
Tomasz Broma - YTAA 2016 Winner
Wroclaw - Zerniki
Project video

Housing structure in Wroclaw

"The project is an experimental housing structure arising from the slow-life philosophy and low-tech architecture. It is based on the DIY idea and allows inhabitants to build their own houses according to the rules of simple spatial game using building technologies from local, natural or recycled and easily accessible materials."

In 1929 Wrocław held a building exposition called WUWA. Several local architects created housing estate  that was supposed to serve as a model for modern times. Almost 90 years later, contemporary local architects and city authorities decided to refer to this historical event and design a new settlement in Wrocław (WUWA2 - Zerniki) that will be a model solution for the next few decades. That is why I chose this location. I wanted to create completly experimental project which considers the issues of housing structures of future cities and its urban, social, architectural and technological problems. A design that will show my own architectural beliefs, predictions and opinions.

The project was designed as a result of my beliefs, interests and researches on low technology architecture.  


Architecture that is experimental, allows mistakes and can be easily dismantled and rebuilt. Architecture that is flexible, devoided of limits; architecture that allows variety of forms, shapes and scales. Architecture that stimulates creativity, forces to seek new solutions and to research on unusual materials and its innovative usage. Architecture that is open to development and doesn't deny modern technologies but use them in sustainable way. Architecture that is common, inclusive and egalitarian; architecture that doesn't exclude anybody and is dedicated for everybody. Architecture that is socially sensitive and helps to develop interpersonal relations; architecture that encourages cooperation and mutual support. Architecture that is vital and adjusts to the life pace of its users, theirs needs and requirements which change during lifetime. Architectura that is ingrained in place: makes use of local material and accomodates to local conditions. Architecture that draws from experiance of local traditions, local solutions and skills of local craftmen. Those features of low technology architecture created the idea of the project. All of them were gathered and summarized in its title: S'LOWTECTURE.

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