Produktionsgebäude FRABA Sp. z o.o.

Photo © Marc Räder
Photo © Marc Räder
Photo © Marc Räder
Photo © Marc Räder
Photo © Marc Räder
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Photo © Marc Räder
Photo © Marc Räder
BeL Sozietät für Architektur

As a non-hierarchical, uniformed, infinite and flexible space FRABA Sp. z o.o. is a metageneric production plant.
FRABA produces electronic components for the automation industry in a non-automated manufacturing process. The products are handassembled in small series. The assembly consists of tables, shelves and trolleys. The project FRABA Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturing facility proto-type for an automation components company.
On a tight gross budget of 580€/m2 a model for future expan-sions around the globe is developed. The design reacts to location specific construction and logistic conditions for each site.
In Poland there is a sufficient supply of timber at considerable low costs compared to the conventional steel structure. The global steel market is overheated by Chinese demands, combined with the affordable labour cost in Poland, a lightweight timber structure becomes reasonable.
The structural system consists of a 52m diameter 60°solid web beam grid. It rests on 19 17cm diameter stressed steel tube columns with a clear span of 9,70m. The shell is made of prefabricated insulated plywood elements, 14% of the roof is covered with triangular skylight domes. The top surface is aluminium coated bituminous roofing membrane. Gross floor area is 2069 m2 with an overall clearance of 4,5m. The building has mechanical and conditioned ventilation, Skylights are specifically designed for perfect daylight assembly conditions and avoid heat gains during the summer.
The circle is an optimized box. In comparison to a rectangular building of the same size it has less surface and less volume. Additionally to energetic savings it allows to save up to 13 % in construction material. The triangular grid minimizes the construction material while offering a maximum of possible layout variations. The dimension of the triangular grid is adapted to the needs of the company. In terms of layout the triangular grid offers much more flexibility than the orthogonal one. It is optimised for the customer's production process as well as for possible future uses.

status: completed
program: production plant
location: Slubice, Poland
team: Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Jörg Leeser, Eveline Jürgens
net floor area: 2069 m2
net volume: 9310 m3
costs: 1.200.000,- €
client: FRABA Sp. z o.o, Slubice, Polen
structural engineering and site supervision: ARUP Warzaw

Balthasar Neumann Preis 2007 shortlist

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