Muzeum Kantora

Picture © Pysall Architekten
Picture © Pysall Architekten
Picture © Pysall Architekten
Picture © Pysall Architekten
Picture © Pysall Architekten
Pysall Architekten
ul. Szczepanska 2, Krakow

The new Muzeum Kantora is a three-dimensional matrix of enclosed and in-between spaces reflecting the complex variety of Kantor’s artistic creativity as stage designer, theatre director and artist.

One experiences these varied spaces in discovering the works of Tadeusz Kantor, in the joy of perceiving the different levels, the unexpected views, the intimacy and diversity. More than mere background, the architecture becomes a participant in the adventure of exploring the artist’s work. The sculptural compositions of the boxes are formed, staged and attached to each other according to their content, cross-referencing the symbolic works inside, thus highlighting Kantor’s very individual way of reviving and reusing projects. Thousands of fibreglass threads allow daylight to penetrate the concrete boxes, permitting different qualities of light to emerge, and creating an atmosphere typical of the settings of Kantor’s art and stage works.

The in-between spaces are articulated as the opposite of the monolithic boxes, informing the visitor of Kantor’s thoughts and works by presenting a variety of photos, articles, notes and writings. Here, one has an overview of the whole inside of the building, and of the connections and stairways between the various levels and spaces.

Wrapped with a delicate envelope of acid-etched and clear glass slabs of different widths, which overlap in varying angles, the façade becomes a veil, a curtain of glass - revealing the inside to the outside, making one curious about the space and eager to discover the museum.

Biennale 2004

MBA, Miedzynarodowe Biennale Architektury 10th International Architectural Biennale in Krakow, Poland

Museum for the Collection Tadeusz Kantor in Krakow, Poland

Facts & Figures
Size: BGF 1.500 sqm
Architects: Pysall . Ruge Architekten with Bartlomiej Kisielewski and Dominik Darasz

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