Ricardo Alves GmbH

Büroausbau in Warschau

Warschau, 2021

Im Stadtzentrum, verteilt auf 5 Etagen eine Bürolandschaft mit 280 Arbeitsplätze.

FAAB Architektura

Wave One

Sopot, 2021

Wave One, of the European Center for Families, is located 400 meters from the Baltic Sea in what is historically known as a health resort...

FAAB Architektura

PGE GiEK concern headquarters

Bełchatów, 2013

In preparing the project, we underlined a list of priorities. Our first initiative was to create a clear and hitherto non-existent street...

FAAB Architektura

Foundation for Polish Science

Warsaw, 2014

The project intent was to preserve the character of the 1933 dilapidated multi-family house, which had been seriously mutilated by air bo...

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