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The house is situated on a hill rising up from the Adriatic sea, in one of the villages of southern Europe. The inner space of the house is functionally organized around a two and a half storey atrium. The southern part of the building hangs over a rock, providing a comfortable, shaded area in the vicinity of the pool. From the bedrooms on the upper floor and the living room on the middle floor there is a splendid view towards the sea.

Our task was to design a house that on the one hand meets the functional expectations of the client and on the other hand naturally fits in with the surroundings. The house was designed to be constructed on the sloping terrain of the plot, thereby using a natural 12 metre drop area. The building is divided into 3 levels and its main feature, the atrium, is based on a squre with sides of 15 x 15 metres, hollow in the middle.

The functional organization is modeled on the structure of an ancient dwelling, where an inner courtyard was the centre of home life. The glass atrium provides an attractive view of the central garden which is located at the lowest level. The features of the house are divided in a clear way, the bedrooms are located on the top floor 0, the living area is on the level -1 and the recreation part is located on the lowest level -2. The building is divided by a staircase leading from a parking place at the highest part of the plot. The staircase cuts through the house leading then to the pool and to the beach situated approx. 70m below.

A viewing platform inspired by the shape of a trampoline, was designed to take full advantage of the exceptional qualities of the plot. It also provides an additional continuity between the external and internal levels of the building.

Large sliding windows offer the possibility of complete openness and a sense of ambient penetration into the house. This building design easily provides natural ventilation and the flow of cool air, significantly increasing the comfort of the residents during the summer.

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